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The inauguration of the Information System which was created for the people in Kurunegala was held in 2006 at Bright Bravo by Mr.Nimal Chandrasiri De Silva, former mayor of Kurunegala. eKurunegala project was planned as a multitasking project which executes at several stages.

The main challenge we went through at the basic stage was coordinating data of thousands of private, government and non government organizations.

Though it got around 5 years for the project officers of Cyclomax International to overcome the technical and operational issues of this task, it was success within the years as the giant Information System in Sri Lanka with a huge core.

The stability of Cyclomax International on creating more than 8000 web sites which have 4 pages without any external advertisements and giving the services free of charge for the customers and business centers by including information of Kurunegala municipal council, teaching hospital of Kurunegala, schools and government offices is the secret of being success in creating such a giant Information System.

eKurunegala is now standing enough to provide solutions to any kind of requirement which arises regarding Information Technology.

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